the open book subscription

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The Open Book subscriber receives a beautifully-wrapped new paperback title every month, according to their tastes; they are invited to tailor the service to their preferences, making it the ideal bespoke present.

What does the subscriber receive? The subscriber will receive a card with their first book, which explains how the subscription works; they will be encouraged to get in touch to discuss their reading preferences. They will then receive a book every month.

What if the subscriber has already read one of the books? The subscriber can swap the book in our shop, or return it via mail.

Can the subscriber talk to someone about their preferences? Absolutely! The subscriber can call or email whenever they’d like to discuss what books they enjoy and how they think the subscription is going. Our contact details will be on the card that we send.

Subscriptions are available on a monthly rolling subscription (£10 per month), a six month subscription (£60), or a twelve month subscription (£120).

To enquire about our subscription service, please contact us via email, by phone, or come into the shop and fill out our subscription form.